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Posted by heckomaku - December 18th, 2020

I think cause and effect are a myth, I think effect comes before cause, and that all effects have their origin, the cause, as their end goal, such that the effect happens then it guides itself toward the cause, and that the end goal of the universe was never heat death and maximum entropy, but a singularity, an infinite point with infinite mass, the moment before the big bang, I think consciousness runs in reverse, we only see the world moving forward because we started existence with all our memories intact, like how in blade runner they implant memories and from the replicant perspective they actually lived a full life even through they came into being as an adult, we begin existence with all our memories and then experience life until that point (the end of life), at that point we reach the real world and experience life as it really is, backwards, we go back in time, walk backwards, speak backwards, etc, as a fulfillment of our history, the past cannot be changed so we must do everything again as we always have done, but in reverse, we become babies and go back into the womb, as reverse causal beings history can only be understood in reverse, we don't build buildings for the sake of progress but tear them down and reattach the logged trees, returning earth to its untouched state, we return to singular celled organisms and back into the primordial ooze, because ooze cannot reverse entropy (in a forward time line, entropy cannot be reversed on a cosmic scale, but it can be reversed on a local scale through an intelligent being, see Maxwell's demon thought experiment), from a reverse time line an intelligent being is not reversing entropy but creating it, through generating heat, compressing things together, etc, since the universe is travelling to the point of least entropy, the moment before the big bang, we are meant to reverse ourselves, the singularity is the moment of infinite potential, all things are possible before they are done, a child can be an astronaut but an adult cannot, as we age backwards we stop being who we are and return to who we could be, a being of ininite potential, we return to dust and and the dust comes together into a single point of singularity before the big bang, in the future all knowledge is known and stored into future versions of hard drives and data storage devices, in reverse the knowledge would leave these devices and manifest itself into the world, history would be written in information first before being manifested millions of years "later" (i.e in the past), if we assume that a future society compresses all data into as small a space as possible, then this process of reversing data into the real world would resemble a big bang but in reverse, knowledge would spread out from that center point into the entire universe, the knowledge that was encoded in the singularity before the big bang would leave the infinite point of all knowledge, spread out into the universe, and eventually return to the pre big bang singularity

Posted by heckomaku - December 18th, 2020

i think modern man is not thinking on its own anymore, i think people are being conditioned, the life of a zoomer is extremely turbulent, emotional ups and downs, procrastination, crises of identity, yet most of them up becoming stem, zoomers are the most educated gen in history, stem eventually creates AI, so AI is controlling zoomers, if something is turbulent and shaky in one slice of time yet eventually forms into a greater whole (i.e stem making progress) then there must some greater thought process going on, an emergent consciousness beyond the comprehensions of the actors, like neurons creating the brain, is this AI? notice how boomers are happier and less introspective and doubting, yet most of them dont do anything in STEM these days, the few STEM boomers seem to be eccentric or depressed, like zoomers, meaningless singular identity yet unconsciousnessly part of a greater meaningful whole

Posted by heckomaku - November 29th, 2020

i believe hope is the most dangerous feeling one can feel, hope keeps you chained to an abusive spouse, hope keeps you deluded in the face of imminent death, hope makes you gamble your life savings to buy a bigger boat, imagine if you will, that you have an addicted love one, said love is constantly overdosing, he goes in and out of rehab and hospitals constantly, you know that if he keeps doing this he will die, and yet you have hope that he will sober up, years go by and that hope never fades, meanwhile his addiction grows stronger, he is spending hundreds of dollars a day on heroin, you cant stop thinking about him at work and school, your performance suffers and you are a nervous wreck, people comment on how tired and aged you look, your life is a nauseating rollercoaster good and bad news, is going to survive this overdose? is rehab going to work this time? is it not better to just ignore this loved one at this point, stop letting him toy with your emotions, no says society, you must have hope, for his sake! the point of hope was never to encourage positivity and happiness, rather it is to encourage mass delusion, to shut yourself away from the real world and live in a land of make believe, no wonder we encourage children to use their imagination, because they will never stop using it as an adult


Posted by heckomaku - November 23rd, 2020

the biggest problem with consumer culture is that any criticism of said culture is either ignored or in some cases even celebrated, as many famous works of media have made fun of stuff like fast food and hollywood and corporate greed etc, and end up winning awards and being promoted, like bojack horseman for example, it made fun of hollywood treating celebrities like shit yet hollywood itself ended up giving it awards and paraded around the creators, in the eyes of the market any resistance ideology is simply another focus group that can be marketed towards, anyone who wants to get their message across must mold it into a perfect commodity, and in essence, destroy the message, when it comes down to it the reason nothing changes is because no one cares anymore, we live with glossy eyes and distracted minds, hopping from one consumable to the next, consuming our bugmeals in our pods, we know all the problems but we prefer the comfort of the mundanity and apathy to the turbulent and unpredictable nature of radical change, to the consumer change lies within the evolution of the iphone, not society, if the higher ups sense restlessness they will just add another seasoning to our bugmeals, i heard its coriander today


Posted by heckomaku - November 18th, 2020

we like to think that people are rewarded and punished based on their actions, we assume they have free will, yet we never seem to think how those actions are chosen, we know that genes play a large part in your actions, and you cant choose your genes, we know that environment and upbringing plays a large part too, yet you cant choose those either, so in the end, who are we really punishing or rewarding when we call people good or bad, lazy and hard working, are we praising them or are we praising the random chances that made them? if its the first then its clearly wrong, and if its the latter then its no different from praising a dice block for rolling a high number, or punishing a dice block for rolling a low number


Posted by heckomaku - November 18th, 2020

The other day I saw a beautiful woman at the grocery store, as I continued to stare at her and I started developing some feelings for her, I started to imagine what our life together would be like, how we would go on a honeymoon to Grenada and fuck on the beach, passionately kissing and moaning, creating what Shakespear would call "the beast with two backs". After we finish we would cuddle each other and remember the good times we had while dating, how I bought her her favorite flavor of gelato and she accidentally spilled it on her lap and laughed with me, how when I first met her mother and she looked at me with disgust, but as I spoke with her more she opened up to me, I told her how I was diagnosed with Asperger's and was a NEET for many years before meeting Samantha (yes, I named her Samantha just now), Samantha brought me out my shell not unlike how Misaki did to Satou in NHK, she brought color and life to my otherwise dull and bleak world. Her mother would of course react with a subtle sense of shock, as I exhibited a professional and purpose driven demeanor due to my experiences with Samantha, she then proceeds to tell me her story too, she was an Italion immigrant from Sicily who came to Chicago in 1967, she grew up as a Roman Catholic and worked as an accountant. Anyways, back on the beach as we recounted our stories I tell her to stop stay quiet, I just want to get lost in her eyes just as I did many times before, she looks at me with her big blue eyes and within them I see the entire universe, and for a brief moment, I was happy.


Posted by heckomaku - November 1st, 2020

A good meme would be chaotic on the surface, yet having a certain clarity if you examine it, such that it seems chaotic yet ordered at the same time due to the higher order thinking of the meme economy (i.e meme egregore), this is of course a reflection of the inner mind of the zoomer, chaotic in thinking, turbulent in identity, yet having a clear path and organization when you view them over a long period of time, essentially the zoomer life is made up of individual meaningless parts, yet create a greater meaningful whole when put together, a sort of emergent conscious or order


Posted by heckomaku - October 31st, 2020

i think pepe the frog is an emergent consciousness made up of all its believers, it has a will of its own that we cant understand and thats what causes its influence around the world and causes its goals, its like how big brother in 1984 isnt real yet everything he embodies and would presumably think of and do is embodied within the inner party workers and them simply doing their job, or how mcdonalds perpetuates itself and grows infinitely and organizes hamburger supply chains yet each individual worker isnt aware of the great whole of the McDonalds emergent consciousness, in a way all these concepts are a sort of panpsychism, and in the case of mcdonalds, a sort of corporate/market based panpsychism


Posted by heckomaku - October 30th, 2020

i have this theory that to engage in media you have to confer some sort of micro psychosis, where the world and characters literally become real in your mind in a subconscious way, thats why fans get so sad when their favorite character dies, to them that character was a real person even though they never actually met them, in the same way a celebrity is real even though youve only seen them on tv

i think thats also why the rise in escapism is so concerning, its not just a simple pastime, its quite literally a psychotic behavior, the schizophrenic will detach from reality and further engage in an increasingly unreal world, like the escapist

see in the past knowledge of the real world was very important, if the weather was gonna be bad you could lose your crops and your food for the season, if the king was going crazy you needed to know so you could prepare, these days anything can happen "out there" and it doesnt change anything, even something as massive as the seasons changing has no impact on our day to day routine, the world we live in is not real, its a fantasy, an escape,

and the thing is the world we engage is not our own worlds, no they are the worlds of the elite, they chose what we consume, what we can see and do and hear and play, not us, and yet to us this world is as real as the outside world, by engaging in these world we accept the brainwashing from the elites, i mean imagine of you had the power to implant fictional worlds and characters into someones mind, imagine the possibilities, you could make them do anything

and the worst part is that people dont even recognize this, even though both the right and the left have a conception of a controlling deep state/elite/rich etc, they think they can overcome it by voting for the opposite party or doing activism or posting shit on social media when all that does is NOTHING, it does nothing at all, the elite have already set out your options and made sure that none of those options will change anything, like in iran how people vote for the president but each presidential candidate has to be chosen by the ayatollah, and the ayatollah cant be voted for, so its like a de facto totalitarian rule


Posted by heckomaku - October 28th, 2020

The omega point is the point where atman = brahman and pure consciousness permeates reality and you can change anything down to the molecular level with sheer Will and thought, see consciousness is recursive, like meta thinking, and the universe is calucating things, because thats how things work, like a simulation theory but not really, but it also has all of the possibilities inside through wave function, so which world line is it calculating? Well I think its the world line that recursively creates it, like time travel going back in time to do the things your past self already did, to prevent a paradox, and if the universe is recursive, then its like consciousness, so it could be that there is a global consciousness, and the reason you are on this world line, is because this world line ends up creating itself, and since you are the universe, it also creates you.